There are many ways in which the world has come a long way. With advancements in technology all aspects of life have become easier and it takes less energy to complete even the most difficult of tasks. In days gone by, no matter how large the job was, the floor would have to be sanded by hand. With sand paper and hard work, a person or group would have to meticulously sand an entire floor and thankfully, those days are long gone. Along with the rest of the world, the technology used in sanding has evolved greatly.

Sanding machines, both the larger and the handheld ones have made the job of sanding floors so much easier. Now, it takes less time and uses much less manpower to sand floors on a much larger scale which makes the job all-around better whether you are a company who specialises in sanding floors or youare looking to have you floors sanded by professionals. With the machinery becoming larger and more powerful, the amount of dust being generated by the process also increased.

The machinery not only increased the amount of dust but also because of the power the machines used, the dust spread further, into all four corners of a room, making the clean-up process more difficult. To combat this problem, equipment that contained the dust rather than spreading the dust started to be invented and many dust-free solutions have come from this. This equipment traps the dust, often in a bag attached to the machine in a similar way to that of a vacuum cleaner and this dust-free process leaves a dust-free environment, with little cleaning and little prior preparation required.

This is a beneficial process to both the workmen and the client because on the side of the floor sander, less dust means a clearer work surface to work with. Seeing the floor clearly allows the sander to sand to an even higher level. And on the side of the client, whether you are worried about the painstaking task of cleaning up after sanding, or you are worried about asthma or allergic reactions to dust, a dust-free sanding process is the best option.