There are many ways that you can help improve the value of your home. You may just be looking to simply improve your home for you and your family, or you may be in the process of selling your home to either get a bigger place or downsize. Many steps can be taken to up your properties value and your flooring is certainly one of these things. Fresh flooring can be an eye-catching centre-piece to your home and could be just the thing a prospective buyer is looking for to make their own key decision.

Whether you are using an estate agent or selling your home yourself, you will be well aware of the term ‘staging’, which is setting up your home in the best possible way to show off its best features and highlighting the things people look for when they are buying a home. Staging is also a way to make rooms look larger and sometimes take advantage of natural light that may be coming in through windows.

With wood flooring, we suggest if you are going to sell your home it is best to have your wood flooring professionally sanded and then polished or waxed. This process brings your flooring back to looking new and also highlights its quality to prospective buyers. The next step involves the process of staging, and the best way to stage freshly sanded flooring is to have as little furniture in the room as possible. If it is a living room, try to only have a centre table and the couches in the room and any furniture that is not necessary should be removed during viewings.

This way, more of your flooring is on display and it is a visual delight to take in for people viewing your home as they are not distracted by furniture cluttering the room.