There are many things that as a client you should keep your eyes open to when you are having your floors sanded. As a client you want everything to go as smoothly as possible so there are things you need to be vigilant about so you get the best service and the best job for your money.


The best way to ensure you are choosing the best company to sand your floors is not only to ask for references, but call many of them and ask the right questions. How long did they take? Did they provide the service they promised? Were they on time? Did they use the correct tools? Were there any problems? Read our Testimonials and have a look at our Floor Sanding Gallery


Ask the prospective company what tools and machinery they use as you want a company who is up to date with the latest products, tools and standards so they get the best from your wood flooring. Read More about our Sanding Machines.


You want to use a company that uses dustless sanding techniques as you will have little or no clean-up afterwards and you will require less preparation beforehand. More useful info about the Floor Sanding Process


It is advised that you let to us the job to move back your furniture and fixtures back into a room after it has been sanded. Freshly sanded floors can be sensitive to movement, denting a and scratching from moving heavy objects so it is best to wait at least a week before you move heavy furniture back into the room.

Leave it to the Professionals

It is possible to sand your flooring yourself by hiring the equipment and reading up on the process, but you could possible cause irreparable damage by doing so yourself. Not knowing how thick the wood is, or what type of flooring you are sanding could cause you to damage your flooring to the extent that a professional cannot fix it, they can only replace it so the number one tip would be to leave it to the professionals!