Once you have for the first time laid hardwood flooring, or if you have recently just had your existing wood floor professionally sanded and polished, you cannot help but marvel at the quality and the beauty this flooring adds to your home. Naturally, you will want to keep your wood flooring as beautiful as possible for as long as possible so you may have enquired about maintenance and care with your sanders.

The number one thing to remember when you are looking after wood flooring is that not only are there many different types of wood flooring, there are just as many if more variations of the finishes you can have on that wood flooring. The different finishes and textures of these finishes each require a different form of maintenance and care. Whether it is the material you use to clean the flooring, from cloths to mops or the products you use to clean them, you need to be 100% sure that you are doing the right thing for your flooring.

Not only can using the wrong products on your flooring damage it, it can also deem your warranty null and void so being sure you are using the right products is vital. When you are having fresh wood laid or having it professionally sanded by a company such as ourselves, always be sure to ask about the finish you have and the type of wood you have so that you can be sure to purchase the right cleaning and care materials. Take these as notes so you dont leave anything to chance and you are sure to take good and proper care of your flooring for years and years to come.