Whether you are trying to save the environment or simply prefer the look of older wood, using reclaimed wood in a flooring restoration is a beautiful and environmentally friendly option. Reclaimed wood is wood that has been reclaimed or salvaged from older properties, usually when an older property is being torn down or completely renovated by its owner or the local authority. With the use of reclaimed wood, the next owner of the wood can sometimes have ‘new’ wood flooring that is sometimes up to 200 years old.

With the age of the wood, and the quality of a great team of floor specialists, using reclaimed wood can leave you with flooring that really is unique and unlike anything you have seen before. A good wood specialist can go to a reclaimed wood dealer and have the keen eye to pick out the very best of what they have to offer. The flooring specialist then takes this already beautiful wood and then applies sanding and finishing techniques like oiling or lacquering to finish the wood.

What you will be left with is wood flooring that is centuries old and looks exactly the way it did when it was first used. You will literally be walking on years of history and memories and have wood flooring that you can claim nobody else in the world has.

Many reclaimed wood dealers not only have wood from many parts of the United Kingdom, but even as far as France and even deeper into Europe so there really is no telling the history of the flooring you can choose from. Also, with the different types of wood from the different parts of the world and the different trees indigenous to those areas, you will have the most unique and storied wood of any home you’ve ever been in.