The flooring underneath your feet right now is a complicated thing. There are so many different types of wood, from oak to pine and it may be difficult telling what type of wood you have at first glance if you are not an expert. This article will give you some advice on the difference between hardwood and softwood and hopefully, after reading you will be able to look down and tell exactly what is underneath your feet.

If a craftsmen or an employee of a hardware or wood flooring store has referred to flooring
as ‘hardwood’ flooring, they are talking about wood that has been taken from tree belonging to the classification of angiosperm. There are many species that this includes and angiosperm refers to a plant that produces seeds that have some sort of cover, so that  could be any type of seeds from apple trees to simple acorns.

Softwood flooring refers to gymnosperms which are plants that produce seeds with no covering. Some of the trees that produce softwood are pine, cedar, fir and redwood trees. Examples of trees that fall under the hardwood classification are teak, oak, birch and maple. Hardwood is also often more expensive than softwood because it is often harder and more dense than softwood.

The difference this makes to your flooring can be practical and often aesthetic, so really it is your choice between the two. Depending on the look you are going for, either hardwood or softwood may be the best option for you and if you need help or advice when choosing, it is best to get the help of experts in wood flooring.