Bamboo wood flooring is a beautiful and complex thing. The first complication that arises with bamboo wood flooring is that it is not technically wood. Unlike real wood flooring that is directly taken from trees such as oak, pine and walnut, bamboo wood flooring is made using the grass of a bamboo and professionally woven together tightly, giving it the natural looking appearance of actual wood. The effect you get is extremely durable and a very beautiful option for your flooring.

Bamboo flooring is yet to take off largely, due in part to people not knowing that it is actually an option, but among those in the know, it is a very popular option so you know if you choose the option of using bamboo wood flooring you may have flooring unique to you amongst your friends and family. One of the reasons that it is growing in popularity is not only its durability but it is very environmentally friendly due to its quicker turnaround than other flooring. Some trees may take up to 90 to 100 years to reach full maturity, but bamboo only take 5 to 10 years so new trees can be planted in its place and the effect on the environment will be minimal.

There are also two options for your bamboo wood flooring. You can take the bamboo as it comes, which is a lighter wood colour than other darker wood. If you are looking for something that is a bit richer and deeper in colour, a darker brown looking wood floor, you can choose the option of having bamboo wood flooring that has been carbonised. Carbonised bamboo wood flooring is darker and a very beautiful option and looks similar to flooring such as oak.