If you have wood flooring, you know that there is nothing as beautiful as fresh looking wood flooring. As is natural with everything in life, time and years take the shine and beauty away but no need to worry, bringing it back to its glory days are only a few short days away if you have you wood restored and professionally sanded.

It is well known that you as a home owner can buy or rent hardwood floor sanders from a variety of hardware manufacturers and retail stores but this is something that we only recommend to people who are highly proficient in DIY or are themselves in the construction or decorating business. The main reason we only recommend DIY sanding to professionals is that you run the risk of damaging your flooring beyond repair and we would hate to see flooring that can be salvaged professionally damaged accidentally.

Your flooring is valuable to both yourself and to us, and we would rather you call a professional company such as us to help you fix the flooring rather than have a call when the floor is even further damaged by you attempting to sand it yourself.

Professional sanders have the best machinery in the industry and more importantly, the years upon years of training and experience that it takes to do the job to the highest standard, the quickest and in the most cost effective manner. We don’t want to burden you with time and budget so we do everything economically, safely and with a touch of excellence that comes with the dedication every one of our team has.