West End Flooring Masters is a specialist floor sanding company in London. When it comes to interior design many aspects are key, but none are as make or break as wood flooring. Whether you are a residential client, interior designer, an architect or an eagle-eyed developer, West End Flooring is the right choice as we partner with our clients to pin-point the best options with second to none service.
With innovation, hard work and with a loving touch, West End Flooring aim to work closely with you to get the best out of your space within your budget. Over many years we have built a wealth of experience and provide the most unique floor sanding restoration London, wood floor finishing and installation.

One Floor, Many Services…

West End Flooring Masters will visit your home or office to assess your existing floor and its condition. In accordance with what you are looking to achieve from your floor renovation project, we will respond by putting forward our recommendations for what is needed to repair and restore your floor in order to return it to its original beauty.

Floor Sanding

  • Sanding floors from any state
  • Sanding Victorian Pine Floors
  • Sanding New & Old Oak Floors
  • Sanding Exotic Wooden Floors
  • Sanding of all Wooden Floors
  • Sealing with varnish, oils or wax
  • Staining with rich pigmentation
  • find out about the sanding process

Wood Floor Repairs

  • Repairs to Old Pine Floorboards
  • Repairs of all types of wooden Floors
  • Repairs to Bowed and warped wooden Planks
  • Repairing dents, cracks and splits
  • Repairs to wooden blocks and planks
  • Repairs to new and old Oak Floors
  • Repairs to Exotic wooden Floors

Gap Filling

  • Gap Filling with Shaving dust and Resin
  • Gap Filling with Bonakemi Resin
  • Gap Filling with wooden Inserts
  • Gap Filling with Draughtex
  • Gap Filling with combination of Resin and Slithers
  • Gap Filling of gaps wider than 5 centimeters

Wood Staining & Floor Finishing

  • Staining of old Pine Floorboards
  • Staining of Oak Floorboards
  • Staining with Light, Medium, Dark Oak…
  • Staining White Wash Finish
  • Finishing with White Wash Oil From Bona and Blanchon
  • Finishing with with any desired colour and shade of Stain

Wood Floor Sealing

  • Wood Floor Sealing with Varnish
  • Wood Floor Sealing with Oil
  • Wood Floor Sealing BonaKemi Varnish
  • Wood Floor Sealing with Blanchon Oil
  • Wood Floor Varnishing with Traffic
  • Wood Floor Varnishing Mat, Silk Mat and Gloss

Parquet Floor Restoration

  • Full or Part Restoration of Parquet Floors
  • Restoration of Wooden Blocks for Herringbone
  • Restoration of all Bespoke patterns
  • Part Restoration to match existing parquet
  • Restoration of Versailles, Chevron, Basket Weave Patterns

Floorboard Restoration

  • Full or Part Restoration of all types of Floorboards
  • Restoration of Old Pine Floorboards
  • Restoration of Oak and Exotic Floorboards
  • Restoration of Tongue and Grooved Floorboards
  • Restoration and revamping of New Floorboards

Wood Floor Restoration

  • Old Victorian Wood Floor Restoration
  • Engineered Wood Floor Restoration
  • Solid Wood Floor Restoration
  • Blocks and Planks Wood Floor Restoration
  • Bespoke Patterns Wood Floor Restoration
  • Restoration of all types of Wooden Floors Old and New
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  • Sanding floors in any state, from fairly sound, old to very old.
  • Surface preparation for any desired finishing.
  • This service is usually for clients who wish to do bit of DIY and would want to finish the floors by their selves, i.e. staining, varnishing or oiling. First we discuss with the client the product they intend to use for finishing their floors, for example, if they intend to stain their floors, we will ask if it is oil based, water based or spirit based, we will also ask which sealing product they intend to use, varnish or oil based… We will then advise accordingly, and sand the floors to the right grit.

  • Sanding with 3 coats in any state, from fairly sound, old to very old.
  • Surface preparation for any desired finishing
  • Sampling of different shades of stains and colours, on your floors
  • Sealing with Oils, Hard wax, and varnishes in Satin, gloss and mat
  • Buffing application in between coats for immaculate and smooth finish
  • Clearing rubbish from your home i.e. carpets, shaving dust, broken wood
  • Free maintenance after care kit with advice and guidance of how to use
  • Follow on service and maintenance for five years

  • Gap filling with resin mixed with shaving dust from you wooden floors
  • We apply 2 coats of Filler from Lecol 7500 or Blanchon resins.
  • Gap filling with slithers cut to measure onsite

  • Surface preparation for any desired finishing
  • We will sample on your floorboard a variety of Stains to choose from
  • Every finish is hand applied
  • We only use the best stains in the market
  • Bespoke colours to match your interior design
  • Sealing varnish, oil and hard wax in, satin, gloss or mat
  • Blanchon, Oasmo, Bonakemi, Rustins, Coleron, Myland, Morley

  • Our skilled carpenters will identify the nature of the required repairs
  • Repairing and replacing any wooden blocks for bespoke pattern
  • Repairing dents, cracks and splits. as required.
  • Replacing floorboards damaged beyond repair with matching ones.
  • Repairing bowed or warped wooden planks due to flooding, condensation
  • Checking for and fixing any weak joists or loose boards.
  • Concrete hearth removal, restitch or stagger as required
  • Gap filling with slithers cut to size onsite
  • Full sanding process for degraded floors
  • Mass filling with resin mixed with the shaving dust from your floors
  • Surface preparation for any desired finishing
  • Sampling of different shades of stains and colours, on your floors
  • Buffing applications in between coats for smooth finish
  • Clearing your property from old carpets and any rubbish
  • Free after care maintenance products and advice of how to use
  • Follow on service and maintenance for five years

  • Fireplace Concrete Hearth Removal Re-stitch or stagger

Carpet Removal Including pulling out grippers
Wood Fitting Planks of Pine, Oak, Random Strip, Exotic wood
Wood Fitting Individual Patterns Herringbone, Basket Weave, Chevron

Free Home Visit

  • Free Home Visit and Estimate with no Obligation or hidden cost.
  • Free Report and advice to help you make your choice.
  • Our experts will identify the type of wood you have, provide you with a plan of action and the duration of time
  • We will guide you through a step by step the finishing that suits your interior design and requirements
  • We have the Latest in state of the art dust free equipments.
  • Fully trained and qualified staff with over 10 years experience.
  • All our equipment are Dust Free floor sanding.
  • We held full public liability insurance.
  • We provide Free of charge full after care kit products.
  • We give five years guarantee and maitenance.

Recently Completed Projects

From interior designers to architects, construction companies to individual home owners, no job is too big or too small.

National Gallery Museum London

Fitted 400 square metres of American light Oak along with sanding and sealing using three coats of Bonakemi Mega varnish.

Selfridges London The Wonder Bar

From the “Brass Rail Bar” on the ground floor, to the “Wonder Bar” “Shoe Gallery” to “Hix Champagne Bar & Restaurant”, we have Sanded and Restored wooden floors to perfection.

Skech Momo Restaurant London

Skech Momo Restaurant London

A beautfiul fitting of Herringbone Parquet at the Momos main restaurant
including sanding and finishing in multiple colours of unique style.

Three Bedroom House Kensington

Large and long wooden blocks to make and fit a distinctive herringbone pattern. Lightly sanded and sealed with three coats of Blanchon Oil, Satin finish.

Tryoga Marylbone Yoga Centre London

Merbau Exotic Malaysian wooden Blocks, fitted as a single herringbone pattern, sanded and sealed with three coats of Barrier Seal Shellac and heavy traffic Oil.

One Bedroom Flat Greenwich London

One Bedroom Flat Greenwich London

Old reclaimed Pitch Pine wooden blocks, fitted as herringbone pattern with a single border, heavily cleaned, sanded and sealed with Blanchon varnish

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Yes we do remove all furniture to clear the space necessary for sanding

Yes we will protect all furniture, skirting board, walls, painting, and any other items that are left in the room during the sanding process, by use of dust sheeting and low tack masking tape

Yes we use Dust Free Floor Sanding equipment with DCS suction machine

Yes we remove carpets, grippers, old Floorboards..

Yes we dispose of old carpets removes, and all related rubbish from our work

Yes we provide a repair service for all types of wooden floors, by either full or part repairs to match existing one, replacement by old reclaimed or new one

Yes we fill gaps of all sizes in between boards, by either a combination of shaving dust and resin, or inserts and slithers

Yes we work night shift, weekends and bank holidays where possible

Yes we sand and restore floors for domestic and commercial properties of all size

Yes we provide after care maintenance kit along with five years guarantee on all our work

Yes held full public liability insurance of up to £5 000 000

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