There truly is nothing quite like wood flooring, from the subtle changes in colouring to the many finishes and lacquers you can use to provide anything from a bright and vivid colour to a deep and earthy rich tone. Due to the natural wear and tear that comes with time, wood flooring can lose its lustre and one of the best ways to bring your wood flooring back to life is to have it sanded.

The process of floor sanding is used to strip away a thin layer from the existing wood flooring to get to the fresher and unexposed wood underneath. It can take your floor from being dull and worn to looking almost like new in a very short amount of time. This is only the first step in the process, the next step being floor finishing.

Finishing is the process of applying wax or a lacquer to the freshly sanded floor that can dramatically change your flooring, with a variety of options that are made to suit even the most discerning of tastes. The choice truly will be yours and you can rest assured that you will have exactly the wood flooring you want.

The very best way to bring out the best in your home or your property is to have it sanded by professionals who know what they’re doing and more importantly, have a passion to make your wood flooring look its best. Wood flooring is not only the most beautiful of options, it is also the easiest to maintain and greatly increases the value of your property.