Fireplace Concrete Hearth Removal Re-stitch or stagger. 

if you have just pulled up your carpet and encountered a large and old hearth, no need to be alarmed. It is a simple and straight forward job for concrete hearth removal that won’t spoil any plans for your floor restoration.

Concrete Hearth Removal

Concrete Hearth Removal

First, we will dig out the concrete slab or marble, reinforce any weak joists, fit sub-floor as required, then fit the same matching wood, sourced from old reclaimed wood.

The fitting can either be staggered so that it blends in properly or stitched to save cost. Once this is completed, we will sand, fill gaps, stain to match existing finishing and seal with your preferred choice of oils or varnishes, simple.

If it is floorboards that you have, I would recommend to stagger the floorboards so that blends in better when sanded and finished, as described in floorboard sanding. in the case of herringbone and other bespoke patterns such as fingers, most commonly found in old Victorian houses, the same work and craftsmanship will apply. We will source from old reclaimed wood and fit to the same pattern and the same finishing. For more information about bespoke patterns, please read our page parquet floor sanding.



Please call us or request a home visit if you need advice for your concrete hearth removal? We will be happy to answer any question you have. Our prices for concrete hearth removal, fitting and supply of old reclaimed wood are amongst the most competitive in the market.

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