Nowadays, like every other aspect of life, technology has improved the way we do things and wood floor maintenance is an area that has also greatly improved. In this article you will learn a few things about dustless sanding machinery and the techniques required to get the very best from the process and therefore, getting the best out of your wood flooring.

We care about every floor we tend to and your floor will be no different.

It is important to note that dust free sanding is not a process that is 100% dust free so there still be traces of dust but believe us when we tell you the dust is kept to a minimum compared to days gone by.
This dustless technique has greatly improved the process of wood floor sanding for both the client and the workmen for two main reasons; less clean-up for you and a clearer workspace for us.

The way the machinery works in the dustless sanding process is quite revolutionary yet simple at the very same time. Similar to a vacuum cleaner, the dust is sucked up into a bag attached to the sander as the sander works and with the advances in technology, the process is getting more of the dust into the bag and also becoming quieter as time  progresses. For this reason it is important that the company you choose to hire uses the latest machines as the job will be shorter, quieter and with as little dust as possible.

Whether you have asthma or simply do not want to deal with having to clean-up a large space after dusting, dustless sanding is truly the best and only option you should go with and our service is among the best in the game.