Engineered Wood Floor Sanding

Engineered Wood Floor Sanding

When it comes to the care and Engineered wood floor Sanding, you have to be careful not to sand off the top layer and only the best machinery and highest trained experts should be entrusted with your engineered wood flooring. If this is a service you need, then West End Flooring Masters is the company you need to use.

Engineered wood flooring is a complex type of flooring that needs its own special kind of care and attention. Comprised of several layers of wood stuck to one another, this type of flooring is highly durable and stronger than solid wood flooring. Because solid wood flooring can shrink and expand, engineered wood flooring may be the best option for you. It is also very easy to install as it uses an easy click method which is incredibly fast. The top layer can vary in thickness and finishes so you have a wide variety of choices. West End Flooring Masters only use the best suppliers and products so whatever the choice you make, you’ll be left with beautiful and fully guaranteed wood flooring every time.

Engineered wood flooring also comes in a variety of types, ranging from the popular choices of Oak and Ash to more specialist varieties such as Walnut, Maple and Beech. There are also a number of finishes including oiled and lacquered and to find out more about our oil and lacquering finishing, click on the Oil link and learn more.

Step 1: Engineered Wood Floor Sanding Description.


Engineered Wood Floor Sanding


Step 2: Engineered Wood Floor Sanding Process.

All Engineered Wood Floors can be sanded if using specific equipment at the hand of highly trained experts.

Engineered Wood Floors Sample batch

Engineered Wood Floor Sanding Samples

Because engineered wood floors are of a thin top Solid Wood Wear Layer, the sanding belt should never start from any grit coarser than grit 40 of 50, regardless of how rough the state of your floors. If a coarser belt is used, for example belt grit 24, this would result in the sanding off the top layer of wood, reaching the supporting plywood layer, rendering the floors unusable. It is therefore advisable to take more time using softer belts to strip off engineered floors. Sanding engineered floors, also requires more hand-held tools to remove hard marks and dirt.


Step 3: Step by step Engineered Wood Floor Sanding.

Strip off with a soft grit even if the surface is in bad state, use hand held tools to remove strong and dirty marks. Use A Trio machine with soft discs, seal with at least 4 to five coats in either oil or varnish. Buff in between coats with Silk Screen 120.

Sanded and finished Engineered Wood Floors.