Floor Sanding Experts London.

We are floor sanding experts with over 25 years experience in sanding, wood floor repairs, gap filling, staining and finishing your floors to any desired finishing.


West End Flooring Masters have a team at hand that can assess your flooring and in minutes recognise the flooring type and process needed to bring your ailing floors back to life. That is something that only an expert can do and  we are nothing less than experts.

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Floor Sanding Experts

Floor Sanding Experts

The Right Floor Sanding Experts For You

There are many ways you can consider somebody an expert at something. West End Flooring Masters are not afraid to call ourselves floor sanding experts because we have seen it all. From the smallest jobs, to some of the biggest jobs for some of London’s most illustrious and discerning clients. West End Flooring Masters have been there and done that.

Being a floor sanding Expert is not just about being able to sand and restore wood floors because this is a second nature to all of our team members. It is also about understanding the specific needs of our client’s requirements. Sanding Floors in London entail a whole set of logistics to make it an easy experience for our client, from parking requirements, to protecting the communal entrance to the property and protecting furniture as it is temporarily moved. Clearing rubbish, tidying up, and many more accompanying free services is what our clients can expect.


Step by Step of our Floor Sanding Experts Team.

Below are some of our floor sanding snapshots to give you a visual insight into what we do. From dust sheeting to protect furniture and surroundings, to pulling out grippers and reinforcing any weak joists. Also you can see our approach to sanding with an up right drum sander, sanding edges and corners with an edger and sanding corner. You can also see how we remove marks and deep lines with orbital tools, our buffing and oiling results.

Dust Sheeting Kitchen

Dust Sheeting Kitchen


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Corner Sanding

Corner Sanding

Sanding with Orbital

Sanding with Orbital

















Your Floor Sanding Experts latest sanding and restoration projects.



























Call us today and book your Free Home Visit to inspect your wood floors. We can take your floor measurements and find the recommended sanding process required to restore your floor’s original beauty. The finish we produce will also be in line to match the style that suits your home and interior design. Book today as we currently have a special promotion of 20% for you to take advantage of.