If you need Floorboard Finishing, we will guide you through the numerous Finishes and techniques available to us.

We are specialist in all types of Floorboard Finishing (part or full).

Preparing for Floorboard Finishing

Floorboard Finishing

Floorboard Finishing

If you look down at your flooring and you see carpeting, no need to fret. There is a good chance that underneath that carpet are floorboards probably either Pine, Oak, Miranti, Mirabeau or another common variety.

Each member of our team has enough experience to assess your property and transform its entire look. One day it’s carpeting, the next it will be the most beautiful wood flooring you have ever seen and it is sitting underneath your feet right now!

After sanding your wood floor (a process that is explained more in detail in our wood <a” title=”Floor Sanding” href=”http://westendflooringmasters.co.uk/floor-sanding/”>floor sanding and Floor Sanding London) we will then go on to the process of floorboard finishing. For a more in detail look at our floorboard finishing process, click the wood finishing.

Types of Floorboard Finishing

Identifying the type of floorboards you have for the appropriate surface preparation needed. The finishing for softwood is different from hardwood. Softwood floorboard such as pine boards is ideal for all type of staining, and finishing, while hardwood is limited only to some finishes and specialised products.

Staining Floorboards.



In addition there are numerous shades of stains and colours, from many different brands to choose from including Light Oak, Medium Oak, Dark Oak, Walnut, Teak and Dark Teak. Available from brands such as Rustin, Myland, Coleron, Bona, Osmo and Blanchon.



Barrier Seal Shellac for Floorboard surface preparation



Barrier Seal Shellac is an ideal primer for any wood surface preparation and finishing, due to it’s high insulating qualities.



Floorboards finishing and sealing with Varnish



Varnish is compatible with all types of wood floors and requires very little maintenance. Using top of the end market products such as Bona Mega, Bona Traffic, Bona Natural, Blanchon or Junking, ensure a durable and natural finish. It comes in Mat, Silk Mat and Gloss.


Floorboard Finishing with Hard Wax Oil


Hard Wax Oil is ideal for Hardwood such as Walnut, Miranti, Merbau, Teak and also Oak. It has a natural finish, easy to repair if scratched, but will need buffing and Oiling every other year of so.