Floorboard restoration is the process of repairing, sanding, gap filling, staining and sealing of soft wooden Floorboards such as Pine wood or hardwood floorboards such as Oak Floorboards, Walnut, Miranti, Merbau, Teak and other hardwood types.  To view the step by step the sanding and restoration process visit our “Floor Sanding Process” and “Floor Sanding London” pages.

 Floorboard Restoration: Before and After

Floorboard Restoration Before

Floorboard Restoration











1: Floorboard Restoration for all type of Wood Floors

Softwood or hardwood floorboards and they fall into two basic types:

  • Square edged and tongue and grooved
  • Solid or engineered.

In doubt on which type of flooring you have? Here is a handy tip we can pass on from our many years of experience. Simply choose two boards with a slight gap between them and slide the blade of a knife in as far as it will go. If you encounter any grime, dirt or draught proofing just scratch it out. If your blade only goes to a depth of around 10-12 millimetres the boards are either tongued or rebated and if your blade goes all the way through they are square edge boards.