Floorboard sanding.

Floorboard Sanding (part or full)

Most houses in the UK have treasure hidden within their walls! Floorboard Sanding is all it takes…

Believe it or not, sitting right beneath your feet, underneath your carpeting is something beautiful. Whether it be Pine floorboardOak, Miranti, Mirabeau or any other type of wood, resting right beneath your carpet is flooring of the highest calibre. Therefore all you need is the right company to bring the old wood back to life. Call us today and we will come to visit you free of charge, identify your floorboard type and provide you with a full report so you know the Floorboard sanding process required and different finishes available to you.

The different type of floorboard you may have under your carpet:

– Square edged or Bevelled, if you don’t know which of the two you have, try inserting a card in between boards, if it goes through, it’s square edged.




– Solid wood or Engineered, most likely from Oak or walnut.




Most commonly found floorboards under your carpet are pine boards, Oak, Walnut or pitch pine boards.

Your floorboards are likely to be old Victorian pine boards that have never been sanded before and in pretty rough state, for which the sanding process will start from the strongest grit 24, progressing to fine grit.

Quality Finishes

We never skip any stages, so we start with the necessary grit setting and work our way up to ensure a perfect finish.

While one team is working hard to sand with the upright sanding belt machines, additional teams will be sanding with edger, corner belts, angle grinders, orbitals and the Trio machine. A uniform finish is guaranteed always.

To view our full and detailed floorboard sanding process, please view this link “Floor Sanding


Don’t waste any more time wondering whether there is gold under your toes, call West End Flooring Masters and find out for sure!