if you are looking to give your parquet flooring a unique look then Parquet Floor Finishing is the option for you.

Parquet Floor Finishing enables you to create any finishing that suits your floors and interior design.

Step 3: Parquet Floor Finishing

Whether you are looking at Versailles, Chevron, basket weave or any other bespoke patterns, parquet flooring is a wonder to behold, if it has been taken care of by the right team. No need to worry, West End Flooring Master is just the team to take absolute care of your parquet flooring and you parquet floor finishing.




Staining and Finishing Parquet Floors.





Finishing Parquet Floors with Varnishing


We only use the best varnishes in the market to ensure durability and long lasting finishing. The advantages of sealing with varnish as to Oiling and Hard wax,  is that varnish requires less maintenance and is lot harder than Oil and hard wax.



Parquet Floor Finishing with Oil and Hard Wax.



Hard Wax Oil are considered more natural finishing look and is more suitable for hardwood parquet floors. We recommend Osmo Oil, Blanchon, Bona Carl’s 90 as some of the best sealing oils in the market. Oils and Hard Wax are easy to repair if scratched, but require buffing and oiling every two years.