There are 2 options for Parquet floor Polishing.

Option 1: Parquet Floor Polishing for floors that have slightly degraded, light buffing with use of buffer, scratch removing with hand held orbital, gap filling with past and resin, cleaning with water-based, or urethane products and sealing with either Wax, Oil or varnish, will be sufficient enough to revive and rejuvenate your parquet flooring.

Parquet Floor Polishing

Parquet Floor Polishing


By buffing your Floors with Silk Screen 100, the top tired and degraded finish will be removed without resorting to sanding. A second pass with the buffer using a finer silk screen grit 120, will close the pores on the wood so that the surface is ready for your preferred sealing product.  Any scratches or defects will be removed, filled and finished to match your existing finishing.




Option 2: Polishing and Sanding Parquet Floors


Parquet Floor Polishing with Sander


For Parquet Floors that have badly deteriorated, we recommend the full sanding as described in our page “Parquet Floor Sanding” and “Floor Sanding Process”. For best results, we will sand and strip off your floors with a Flexi Drum Sander, using abrasive belts, discs for edgers to sand off edges, corner belt sander to sand and clean corners and under radiators, hand held orbital to remove deep scratches and lines, Trio and buffer to prepare the surface to your desired finishing. All gaps will be filled with shaving dust from your floors, mixt with resin from Bona, Blanchon or Lecol. We will also sample on your floors a variety of shades of stains from to choose from, seal with either varnish, hard Wax or Oil.




Whether you are looking at Versailles, Chevron, basket weave or any other bespoke patterns, parquet flooring is a wonder to behold, if it has been taken care of by the right team. No need to worry, West End Flooring Master is just the team to take absolute care of your parquet flooring and you parquet floor Polishing.