High quality, hassle free Parquet Floor Renovation.

Parquet floor renovation is very different from other types of wood floor sanding. It comes in different styles such as Basket Weave, Versailles, Chevron and other bespoke patterns. Due to the multiple wood grain directions of the different wooden blocks, parquet renovation requires special equipment and techniques.

However West End Flooring Masters are the leaders of parquet floor restoration and floor sanding. Our highly skilled  team will make certain you’ll receive a premium service experience. We know every step of the parquet flooring installation process and therefore know exactly what to do for a successful renovation. As a result we always bring out the natural beauty of any wood flooring.

Parquet Floor Renovation

Parquet Floor Renovation

Parquet patterns are entirely geometrical and angular, opposite to floorboards which are usually fitted vertically or horizontally. An example is the Parquet flooring patterns Herringbone which is chevron shaped and requires a very high level of skill as you could probably imagine.

Additional equipment and technique is a must for quality sanding and finishing. The expert use of a Trio machine is essential to rub off the lines and bring out the grain in the right direction. Luckily our team know all of the techniques to restore, repair and finish any shape of bespoke parquet flooring.