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Techniques: Parquet Floor Restoration

The job of parquet floor restoration is one that requires a lot of detail and attention. Herringbone, Chevron, Versailles, basket weave and other bespoke patterns require specific techniques to sanding floorboards and our team is highly versed in restoring such flooring.

While Floorboards floors always face the same direction, either horizontal or vertical, bespoke pattern parquet flooring is made up of wooden blocks each facing different directions to make up a specific pattern. Using the upright drum floor sander alone would not be enough for an appropriate restoration. Hence the additional use of a “Trio machine” which consists of four orbiting discs in different directions. As a result, the Trio machine rubs off the cross lines against the grain left from the initial stripping off with the upright sander, bringing out the grain in each wooden block to the right direction, producing the perfect result.

Sander lines on Parquet     Removing lines with Trio    Fingers Parquet Varnished       Oiled Blanchon Mat

Parquet Floor Restoration Fingers

Parquet Floor Restoration











Step 2: Parquet Floor Restoration Process

Bespoke patterns tend to be quite fragile and need a special check before starting the sanding process. First, we will check that all wooden blocks are glued properly and replace any damaged or missing ones. Then the right sanding grit is selected in line with the state and type of your parquet flooring.  We will also suggest and recommend the best finishing options available to you, be it sealing with clear varnish or oil. We will also sample on your parquet floors many different shades of stains and colours to choose from. Ones we have restored your parquet flooring to your desired finishing, we will go with you through the maintenance and product to use for the cleaning and upkeep of your floors so that they last for as long as possible.

Recently Restored Parquet Floors:

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