Step 1: Parquet Floor Sanding.

Parquet floor sanding usually refers to the technique of sanding Herringbone, Chevron, Versailles, Basket Weave and other bespoke patterns of wood flooring. This technique is slightly different to other types of wood floor sanding and requires a medium coarse paper, slowly and surely progressing to a finer grit of 120 or even 150 and as a result provides a perfect and flawless finish every time.

Because every floor is different, and the grains are in a different direction it is essential our team uses the Trio Machine which uses three orbiting discs to bring out the grain in the direction of each wooden block.

Of course it goes without saying, our team are highly trained and well experience in using this machine and every other machine necessary to get the very best out of every type of different wood we encounter when sanding parquet floor.

For a step by step of how we sand wooden floors visit our pages “Floor Sanding” and “Floor sanding London“.

Once we visit you and identify the type and pattern of your parquet wooden floors, we provide you with the sanding process required and the suitable finishes available to you.

Parquet Floor Sanding Herringbone Pattern

Parquet Floor Sanding

Parquet Floor Sanding for Herringbone.

Merbau Parquet Wooden Floors at the Indaba Yoga centre in Marylebone London. Single Herringbone pattern, sanded and sealed with “Blanchon” Oil.

Sanding off excess Filler with grit 50 (1)

The sanding process for herringbone parquet floors, starts from grit 40, progressing to a fine grit of 120 for immaculate surface preparation for any desired finishing. Therefore Malaysian Hardwood is not suitable for staining but rather suitable for being either varnished or oiled.



Step 2: Parquet Floor Sanding for Bespoke Patterns.

Unlike sanding floor boards, the sanding process for bespoke patterns requires a different technique.

First of all, we will repair, replace any damaged wooden block and then we will proceed with the first stage of sanding using a drum sander. Starting from grit 40 and progressing to a finer grit of 120 to ensure the initial stripping is completed. We then use the “Trio Machine” which consists of 3 orbiting discs which is essential for bringing the wood grain the right direction of each wooden block and achieving a perfect result.

Here are some bespoke parquet wooden floors which requires the same sanding techniques.


It takes an eagle-eye to spot what type of wood you are working with but with our team’s expertise it will only take a split-second to identify and get to work on bringing the very best out of your wood flooring.

For more on our methods click on the link and learn more about floor sanding.