Sanding floors London and Greater London 

Sanding Floors
is a service that we here at West End Flooring Masters take a lot of pride in and we feel we offer the best floor sanding service in London. Sanding Floors is used to remove a layer of your floor and leave it with a smooth and even finish every time. Sometimes your floor may be showing the signs of years of wear and tear and a professional grade sanding is all it takes to bring back the stunning beauty to your flooring.

Using state-of-the-art machinery and only the highest trained members of our team, we will bring the life back to your flooring. Years of training and experience have gone into our team developing amazing skills and honing techniques from the new to the old to provide the best service in London.



The Service You Can Expect

First, our team will repair your flooring, filling any gaps, fixing loose floorboards and any loose nails. We only using the finest in reclaimed wood when replacing any flooring necessary so don’t worry, the quality will be stellar from top to bottom. We will then fill in any gaps using either a mix of resin or saw dust. If the gaps are too big, reclaimed wood will then be used. After these initial stages, we will then sand the flooring using the best machinery available today, with results guaranteed every time. We will then finish the process by finishing your flooring using either staining or lacquering and then buffing the flooring.

Great Results

Your floors will look better than the day they were first installed and will instantly become the centrepiece to your property. Nothing is more eye-catching than well-manicured wood flooring, so do yourself and your flooring a favour, call us for a free site visit and quote.





indaba-marylbone-londonOur Team

Our team is the best out there, and our service is the most up to date and we are in and out of your property in no time, no hassle, no cleaning and no sky-high prices, just excellent service at unbeatable prices.

If you are looking for a more in depth look at or floor sanding process, click on the Floor Sanding link and you can see a more in depth, step by step look at how we do things and why we are the only company you should look for when you need any wood flooring services.


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