Solid Wood Floor Sanding

Solid Wood Floor Sanding

Solid wood can make for some of the most beautiful wood flooring that you can find out there. Tough, long-lasting and environmentally friendly, you will struggle to find an equally beautiful and earth friendly option for your flooring.

You may be an architect, an interior designer or a home owner and come across some solid wood flooring in your property but see that it just doesn’t have the beautiful natural finish it once did.

Therefore if you’re in need of solid wood floor sanding then West End Flooring Masters is your one and only source of this solid service. There are many imitators whose expertise and techniques are not up to par so don’t do you and your floor a disservice, call us now!


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We’ve got a page where we talk more in depth about our wood floor sanding techniques so click wood floor sanding to learn more about us and the way we work.

Option 1: Advantages of Solid Wood Floor Sanding.

Solid wood flooring is made of the same wood throughout without any hollow space or binding of other strands such as plywood and veneers, therefore it can last for centuries and can be sanded many times.

Solid Wood Floors can be from any type of wood species, from soft wood such as Pine, Pitch Pine, Beech Wood, or hard wood such as Oak, Walnut, Meranti, Merbau, Panga Panga, and some Solid Wood Floors are either Tongue and Groove, square edged or bevelled.

The sanding process for solid wood does not represent any risks as it would be with engineered wood, by sanding off the top layer of wood thus exposing the supporting plywood.

Solid Hardwood                Tongue & Groove      Solid Hardwood                Soft Solid Wood           insert card between

Floors                                  Soft Wood Floors     Tongue  & Groove              Floors                             Boards to check





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Extra Tips for staining after sanding

Solid wood from Pine wood, Oak, Pitch Pine, can easily be stained to any desired finishing, from any brands, Rustins, Mylands, Coloron, Bona Create range, Bona Craft, Osmo coloured Oils, Blanchon Coloured Oils, White Wash and Barrier Seal Shellac.

If your Solid Wood Floors are from Hardwood, it’s not advisable to stain it, as it may result in patchiness, however there are now products that enable solid hardwood floors to be stained, if combined with a special procedure and technics, such as Bona Create rang, Bona Craft, Mylands and other semi-covering covering stains.

With over 25 years experience in Solid Wood Floor Sanding, we have all what it takes to deliver the best job for your floors. Call us today for a free home visit, we will come to visit you and provide with a free report and advice.