These days, people are taking more and more pride in the appearance of their home. In days gone by, it was walls and the use of wallpaper and paint that people spent hours upon hours deciding upon and choosing that right colour that spoke for them. These days, it is the flooring that you have that says a lot about you because of the wide range of options you have. From lavish and intricate carpeting, to tiling in your kitchen and wood flooring in the rest of your home, your floors really do make or break your property.

Those with wood flooring in their homes are no strangers to waxing their wood flooring to keep it looking its absolute best. Whether you have brand new wood flooring or have had wood flooring for years and have never waxed it, it is important to know the right way and the best products to use to ensure that the waxing process will be done well. If you do not think you are capable of waxing your own flooring well, it is advised that you use a professional wood company to come and do it for you.

If you are waxing your flooring yourself, you should be sure to have gone down to your local hardware store and purchased products such as liquid wood wax, and soft rags to use them with as you don’t want to damage your flooring by using coarser materials.

You also need to make sure that the rooms you are waxing are well ventilated as the smell of the wax, oils or spirits you may be using are highly dangerous when inhaled in a room that is not ventilated. It is often recommended to at least use two coats of waxing but you can use as many as you want until you have got the look you want.