You may be looking down at your wood flooring and wondering why you may need to have your floors sanded. There are many reasons to have your wood flooring sanded by professionals and we are here to help you narrow down the choices. The main reason to have you floors professionally sanded is because it is the first step to regularly maintaining your wooden floors.

There is nothing worse than having wood flooring that has lost its shine and lost its attractiveness. Wood floor sanding is a process that you can actually pursue yourself by hiring out the machinery and products necessary but there are many risks you run when doing so yourself. Your best option is to have you floors sanded by professionals with years of experience and the best machinery in the business.

The two main reasons you would want to have your wood flooring sanded are as follows:

  • Your flooring may be damaged and lacking its original shine and gloss
  • After many years of feet, shoes, furniture and fixtures being on your floor, it may start to look worn out and in need of rejuvenation.

Floor sanding is the best option to restore your flooring to its very best and bring it right back to its former glory. By the end of the floor sanding and waxing processes your flooring will look exactly the way it did the very first time you stepped across them when they were new.

You may want to change the appearance of your wood flooring or you may simply want to change the appearance of your flooring because you’ve changed the colour scheme of a room or recently purchased new furniture that clash with the flooring.

Floor sanding is always followed by oiling, waxing or lacquering and with these services you have the opportunity to change the tone of your wood flooring. You may be looking for a lighter more subtle tone or something deeper and richer.