Do you have a wooden floor that needs Buffing?

There are two types of Wood Floor Buffing; buffing in between coats after sanding and buffing for freshening up, waxing, oiling or varnishing. West End Flooring Masters know how to keep flooring looking as perfect as possible. It is vital to take care of wood flooring at every stage of the process.

We consider aspects such as buffing between coats of stain or lacquer and even using silk screen grit 100 and 120 to remove raised wood grains and hairs. For more information you can visit our “Wood Floor Finishing” page.

Option 1: Wood Floor Buffing in between coats

When the sanding process is completed, we our team finishes with either staining and clear varnish or oil. After the first application, your wooden floors will need to be buffed before proceeding with the second coat. Usually we apply a light buffer using Silk Screen grit 100 for the first application and finish with grit 120 for the second application. So your floors are ultra smooth and evenly finished.

Newly Sanded Floors                       First Coat of Varnish                        Buffing in Between Coats

Sanding off excess Filler with grit 50 (2)


Wood Floor Buffing

Wood Floor Buffing










Option 2: Wood Floor Buffing for Freshening up, Oiling, Hard Wax or Varnish.

This second option is usually for floors that have been sanded before and are in fairly good state. Floors which need only buffing and re-oiling or varnishing for a quick face lift.

First we remove all scratches and defects by a hand held orbital, refill gaps with Bona Gap Master and then proceed by buffing with an industrial buffer. We will ensure poor and tired surfaces are skimmed without resorting to sanding. When the first step is completed, a first coat of either oil, hard wax or varnish is applied depending on your original finish. We leave floors to dry for the recommended time, depending on the brand of product used – usually between 1 hour and 4 hours. Once the floors are completely dry, we will buff them with Silk Screen 100. We then hoover thoroughly and buff again with Silk Screen 120 and then apply the second coat.

Buffing for White Wash                  Buffing Pitch Pine Wood Flooring              Buffing Walnut Flooring











Buffing wooden floors requires a high skill level and experience, as it involves matching the existing finishing to the new one. Our team has a wealth of experience wood floor buffing thousands of properties in and across London. We would be happy to visit you free of charge, inspect your floors and provide you with a full quote. Request a Free home Visit when you are ready.