Wood Floor Finishing

Our years of Wood Floor Finishing experience will show you the numerous finishes available so your needs are met and interior design ideas are realised

West End Flooring Masters are specialists in all types of wood floor finishing.

Final Step: Wood Floor Finishing

Our team are really passionate about wood flooring. Along with our stellar wood floor sanding service, we also provide wood floor finishing services to give your flooring a totally different look. Through years of finishing floors for many clients and jobs of every size, our repertoire means our experienced know how to best make your wood flooring the main attraction.

The very first step to finishing your flooring is deciding what finish you would prefer as a client. The differences between silk mat and stained finishes can make or break the look of a room. We will provide you with samples and guidance so you can best choose which finish is best to use.







We usually use Barrier Seal shellac as a primer and surface preparation for its high insulating qualities and wood floor finishing for all type of wood floors.







If what you are looking for more durable option, varnish may be the best choice. To have the very best varnish finish, you will need to use the better products on the market, something that we do on all of our jobs.



Oil or hard wax



Oiling your floors is another option, one that it easier to repair but can require more maintenance and topping-up, every two years or so.



We aim to provide a high degree of wear and chemical resistance and to do so our finishes are always fast drying and offering very little disruption. Nobody likes the odour of chemicals therefore the processes we use produce very little odour during application and whilst drying.