Wood Floor Gap Filling.

Wood floor gap filling has two main functions, the first is to  prevent draft from coming through the floorboards and the second is to achieve a uniform look.

West End Flooring Masters are specialists in all types of wood floor Gap Filling and have years of knowledge behind us to help you and your wood flooring.





Gap Filling Techniques

Filling gaps with shaving dust and resin.

Filling gaps with wood inserts and slithers.


We use strong glue and headless nails to fit wood slivers and the excess of wood sliver is sanded off flush with floors and for the best results, we cut wood slivers onsite to measure and insertion into any gaps. Our team can prepare wood slivers from old pine boards, oak pine boards, walnut or any other wood species.




Wood slivers preparation.

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For more information on gap filling between floorboards and the possibilities that are available to you, please call us or fill in the home visit request form?