Wood Floor Oiling is the most natural look for softwood and hardwood floors.

West End Flooring Masters are specialists in all types of wood floor Oiling.

Oil is a great method for repair and usually involves a stage of light sanding or buffing before the oiling itself. To maintain the quality, more attention is required by means of buffing and oiling every two or three years.

There is nothing quite like natural beauty. Whether you are looking at a beautiful woodland or the natural beauty of expertly manicured wood flooring. To ensure the best job is done, we use hard wearing, environmentally friendly and durable floor sealants with Matt, Satin and Gloss finishes.

Whether it’s residential or commercial property, we deliver a high wear and chemical resistance. Our finishes are always fast drying and offer very little in terms of disruption. We also even ensure very little odour release during application and drying.

Wood Floor Surface preparation for Wood Floor Oiling or Waxing.

Wood Floor Oiling or Waxing is the final stage used to seal your wooden floors. If your floors have not been sanded before, you will not be able to seal with oil or hard wax. The floors need to be sanded first to a 120 grit then sealed. However if your floors are in pretty good condition  but also in need of revamping and freshening up, then buffing with Silk Screen is great. Then our team would apply either Oil or Hard Wax Oil and because of their many shades of colour oils are ideal for sealing or staining. We recommend so for Hardwood Floors such as Oak, or Merbau, Teak, Miranti, Walnut.


Wood Floor Oiling

Wood Floor Oiling


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We will apply oil by either hand or roller and ensure quality is applied throughout. If you want a dark finish on walnut wooden floors without any staining, then floors are soaked with water. Then allowed to dry for 30 minutes, then oiled. An additional drying session for 4 hours, buff and final second coat is what we would do. Finally, after 6-8 hours of further drying, your floor will be ready to walk on. We also know it takes 7 days for the oil to fully cure, so advise caution and care for the first week from finishing.


Oils Chart of Colours for Wood Floor Oiling.



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Not too sure on what colour to pick? That’s where our team of experts comes in. With all the years of training and experience every member of our illustrious team carries we are well equipped to help you make an informed choice.