Wood Floor Polishing

There are two types of Wood Floor Polishing depending on the state of your floors. The first might be just light buffing by hand or buffer, using waxes and polishing products to clean and give a face lift. The second is perhaps full sanding and sealing.

Option 1: Polishing, Touching up, Buffing, Cleaning and Sealing.

Wood Floor Polishing

Wood Floor Polishing

If you have flooring that is in good condition but just needs a bit of touching up,Wood floor polishing for parquet or floorboards, either hardwood or softwood flooring is your best option and we are masters of the craft.

We will clean, buff, seal and polish your flooring and match its existing finish for a flawless and seamless outcome. All you need to do is call us for a free site visit and quotation and our team will take a look at your flooring and provide you with all the information necessary. We have the eagle-eyed team to spot what needs to be done and do it at a price that cannot be beaten so call us today!



Option 2: Sanding, Polishing, Sealing with Oil, Wax or Varnish

The second option is perhaps the full sanding and polishing for poorly floors or in rough state. We will strip off your floors by way of sanding them, using a drum sander and abrasive belts, starting from perhaps grit 40 and progressing to a fine grit 100. Once we have sanded and prepared the surface, we will present you with a variety of choices of finishing to choose from, that suits your floors and interior design.

Polished Wooden Floors

Request a Free Home Visit for a Free professional report and Quotation. Claim your 20% discount on all wood floor polishing, floor sanding, wood floor finishing to any desired finish. With every job we do we offer 5 years guarantee, 5 years follow on maintenance and free after care kit.