Wood floor renovation

Wood floor renovation is a process of sanding and repairing damaged, warped or bowed wooden floors and matching the repair with the original. Gap filling with shaving dust and resin, inserting wood slivers cut to measure, staining and sealing with either oil, varnish or hard wax.

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Wood Floor Renovation

Wood Floor Renovation

Expert Understanding

There’s toughness to wood floors that we here at West End Flooring Masters love. Wood floors are built to withstand years of use, wear and tear and neglect. After a while, without the right maintenance and with heavy use, wood floors can start to really show its years. Even with some sort of makeover and maintenance it’s just inevitable your wood floors will start to look dull and lifeless, in need of renovation to bring it back to its glorious look. Renovating wood floors require a high level of knowledge and experience where by different techniques are necessary for different types of wood. For example, Pine wood floors are also considered softwood and require a less coarser sanding grit than hardwood walnut floors or oak floors. We are experts at identifying these subtle differences that make or break a good renovation job.



Softwood Pine floorboard

Hardwood Walnut Floors

For more details, please request a free home visit. During our visit, we will identify the type of wood you have, take the measurement for and provide you with free report and quotation.