Wood Floor Restoration through Sanding and Refinishing. 

Wood Floor Restoration refers to sanding with abrasive sanding belts and discs – as described in our page “Floor Sanding Process”, and the restoration of old floors can either be partial or full.

West End Flooring Masters specialise in both partial and full wood floor restoration. On your free site visit, one of our experts will let you know which kind of restoration your flooring is in need of and the service needed.

Option 1: A Partial Wood Floor restoration.

The less extensive service of the two, partial restoration requires a specific level of expertise. The first step to a partial restoration is identifying the type of wood flooring you already have. By knowing the type of wood flooring, our team then use the relevant techniques, machinery and right finish to best match the original flooring. Knowing what type of wood flooring you have is also important in case there is a need to replace wood damaged beyond repair. We always ensure that a matching wood type is sourced at the best possible price.

Before doing this however, we will attempt to repair and restore any wood we can from your own existing wood. Usually by cutting, pulling out and refitting, inserting, adjusting, sanding and finishing for a perfect finish.

Option 2: A Full Wood Floor Restoration.

Full restoration is a longer and more elaborate process, as our “Step by Step Floor Sanding” guide details. We completely sand or replace the wood flooring if we feel it is too far gone and cannot be brought back to its former glory. Whichever service you choose, we will leave you with wood flooring that is a sight to behold. West End Flooring Masters provides unbeatable quality with unbeatable service at unbeatable prices.


Wood Floor Restoration For Parquet Floors

Wood Floor Restoration Parquet

Part Restoration may consist of sanding off the damaged part of the parquet or floorboard flooring, and finishing it to the identical existing finishing. To do this, you will need to first of all identity the type of wood you have and the existing finishing, the brand of varnish or oil, the type of stain, the drying time between coats and other technical information.










A Full Wood Floor Restoration may require, repairing of any damaged wooden planks of boards, nailing down loose boards, reinforcing weak joists, sanding with drum sander, edger, orbital and Trio, gap filling, staining and sealing with either, varnish or oil.


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Recently Restored wooden Floors in London

Whether it is full or partial restoration, call us for a free site visit and quotation and you will never look back.