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Through the Process: Wood Floor Sanding

Wood floor sanding can be a tricky technique to master, and although the level of craftsmanship can be considered the same for most wood floor sanding, subtle changes are necessary for the different types of wood that can be found in England and other countries.

For example, woods such as Oak and Beech require different levels of grit when sanding and any mistaking of the two can result in a perfectly good wooden floor being rendered useless and left very unattractive. The difference between the hardness of wood such as Maple and Cobnut is so fine that only a keen eye can be used to identify and provide the correct process of wood floor sanding to bring the very best out of it. West End Flooring Masters are a company who you can never go wrong with.

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Wood Floor Sanding for Old Pine boards.

Wood Floor Sanding for Pine Boards

Wood Floor Sanding

Old Victorian Pine Boards are the most commonly found wooden floors under your carpet

Pine wood is a soft wood, and therefore the sanding process requires less coarse sanding belts

The first sanding pass, will start from grit 40, progressing to grit 60 and 100 for best results. Pine boards are compatible with all different brands of Stains, due to there softness, making them ideal for changing colour to any desired shade of stain. Pine boards are also compatible with any sealing agent, either varnish or oil, mat, silk mat or gloss finishing.





Wood Floor Sanding for Oak Boards. 

Oak Wood Floor Sanding Selfridges London

Oak Wood Floor Sanding


Oak wood floor boards are considered the best choice for most people.

The sanding  process for old Oak floors requires coarser grit to start with as it is lot harder than pine wood. It has good qualities for absorbing any type of stains and colours, and can be sealed with any sealing agent, varnish, oil, and all type of finishes.

Old reclaimed Oak boards are easily obtained from salvage yards for old wood, should this be necessary for any repairs.





Wood Floor Sanding for Hard Wood and Exotic Wood


The sanding process for Exotic and  Hardwood, usually starts from a very coarse grit either grit 24, or 40, depending of how old it is and in what state. It is essential to not skip the sequences of the sanding order of grits, and to finish with grit 100 or 120, to make sure that the pores on the wood are closed properly and ready for sealing.  It is not advisable to stain Exotic wood and hardwood, as they do not take up stains easily, except for some specialised products from Bona Create and Mylands brands.




Wood Floor Sanding for Herringbone and Bespoke Patterns


The sanding technique for bespoke wood floor patterns is different from sanding straight wooden boards. Because bespoke patterns are made up of wooden blokes facing different direction to form the desired design, such as Herringbone pattern, Basket Weave, Versailles, Chevron etc… beside using the conventional drum sander, it is necessary to use a Trio sanding machine, which has three to four discs, orbiting in different direction, so that to bring out the wooden grain facing any direction.



With over thirty years experience in wood floor sanding throughout London and the home counties, we have build a wealth of experience and insight into our customers need and trends.  Please call us today to discuss any information you need, or book a free home visit for full report and quotation.