Wood Floor Staining

If you are looking to give your flooring a new and reinvigorated look then staining is for you.

There are many stains to choose from to give your floors a different and unique look. Wood Floor Staining is a much cheaper option than replacing your flooring completely.

We are specialists in all types of wood floor staining.

The Steps of Staining

Our team at West End Flooring Masters are arguably the best in London when it comes to wood floor staining because of the vast and varied staining projects we’ve worked. We know how to stain any flooring type the right way for beautiful and long lasting finishes.



– First, we repair and nail down any loose boards or weak joists and strip off floors with coarse grit.

– We then progress to finer grit, up to 100 for pine boards and 120 for Oak and Hardwood.

– We sand all edges with a Bonakemi Edge Sander, followed by a hand held orbital.

– And finally, we run two passes with the Trio machine for particular wooden boards or those with blocks and patterns.

– Furthermore, we finish by applying your chosen stain either by hand or a light buffer staining machine.

Besides showing you our colour chart of stains, we believe that to make an accurate choice it is better to sample directly on your floorboards different shades of stains. This is because every floorboard is different, due to their age and the exposure they have endured.


Some stains are applied with a light buffer machine and finished by hand. This process is ideal for large spaces and for dense and strong stains, such as Coleron, Bona Create range and Mylands.

We sample free of charge a large selection of stains for you to chose from.

Light Oak Rustic Stain

Rustic Light Oak

Bespoke Staining

Bespoke Stain Finish

Bespoke Dark Walnut Stain

Bespoke Dark Walnut






Light Merbau Staining

Light Merbau Stain

Staining Dark Grey

Dark Grey Stain

Bespoke Staining

Bespoke Staining

Stain Colour Selection

Stain Colour Selection






Contact us to book your free sampling and get expert advice for the best staining options to match your wood type and interior design.