If you are looking for a natural finish then Oil or hard wax is probably your best option!

We are specialists in all types of wood floor Waxing.

The Finishing Step: Wood Floor Waxing

If you are looking for a completely natural finish to your flooring, wax or oil are your best option. West End Flooring Masters specialise in wood floor waxing with long lasting results.

We only use the best products – such as the organically made Hard Wax Oil, to produce the very best in your wood flooring. In addition we use the best suppliers so the wax on your floor gives you the most natural and resilient quality possible.

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Surface preparation for Wood Floor Waxing.

If your floors have just been sanded, we will ensure that your floors are sanded to a fine grit 120 so the oil or hard wax sealant is evenly spread on the flooring. For best results we apply at least two to three coats of Oil or hard Wax with a buffing application in between coats. This is to ensure that your floors are left with a smooth and even finish.

Osmo Oil and Hard Wax                             Blanchon Oil Hard Wax                        Bona Carl’s 90 Oil


blanchon-hard-wax bona-carls-90-oil







Freshening up your Wood Floors with Waxing and Oiling.

If your floors have been Waxed before and are in fairly good condition then all you need is freshening up by Oiling or Waxing. First, we will check and remove any scratch marks by hand held tolls such as orbitals or fine sanding papers. Then we will buff your floors with Silk Screen 120 grit, clean, hoover, dry and finally apply 2 coats of either Oil or Hard Wax.

Wood Floor Waxing

Wood Floor Waxing











Book a free home visit for more information on the right type of finish for you. We will be glad to come to visit you and identify the type of wooden floors you have. Once we’ve identified the state of your floors, we can recommend the appropriate finishing for your floors. Call us today and take advantage of our special offer of 20% discount.